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4-CMC Crystal illegal Research Chemical.

4-CMC also known as Clephedrone and 4-Chloromethcathinone,  with CAS Number 1225843-86-6 and IUPAC name 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)-1-propanone, average mass 197.661. However molecular formoula is C10H12ClNO. This very potent  and popular stimulant  drug of the cathinone class has been sold by online Vendors as research chemicals.4-CMC was sold as a crystal and powder form.

4-CMC Legality

It has become a controlled substance on October 1th due to the new law regulation in China.However its been banned in other countries such as Cannada, UK, Sweden, Denmark.Now nearing extinction from online clear market except some Chinese manufatures that still have stock.

4-CMC Best Analogue

The best analogue of 4-CMC Crystal is 4-CEC Crystal that is become one of the most popular from cathinone class research chemicals.However some people may find 4-CPRC as more useful for their research or much better find 4-CPVP.


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It is no longer in stock but proportionally similar products that working perfectly as 4-CMC Crystal is 4-CEC Crystal4-CPRC Crystal and 4-CPVP Crystal.For immediate info in details you can ask our expert via Live Chat or give us a call or write us an email.